Madwell is a Brooklyn based creative agency (with a sweet satellite office in beautiful Boulder, CO!) specializing in thinking big thoughts, putting them on small pieces of paper, building what we see on those small pieces of paper, and performing enough testing and refinement to qualify us as clinically obsessive compulsive.

Founded a few short years ago by a group of agency runaways, we strive to provide multifaceted, multichannel, multi-medium advertising and marketing support, traditionally the purview of much larger agencies. Grounding ourselves in a deep technical understanding of ideation, design, copy, code, and analytics, we adhere to a simple recipe for success: be a tiny giant. Our commitment to boutique agency-style client relationships empowers us to be lean, mean (by this we mean personable and nice), responsive, and adaptive. And thick glasses with addictions to learning, mastering cutting edge technologies, and data analysis fuel our passion to bring complex concepts to life as naturally (and beautifully) as the big guys.

/ Process

1 / Discover

We kick-off every project, whether an on-going agency relationship or special effort, by working with our clients to create a clear roadmap of the primary goals, boundaries, assumptions, and must haves, followed by collaborative tissue sessions designed to whittle the project down to its core, where the best ideas reside. This process includes multiple in-person meetings, careful parsing of historical data and previous efforts, and tireless analysis of references with the potential to inspire our own thinking.

/ Process

2 / Strategize

We believe complex problems can only be solved when isolated into manageable components (the same goes for dinner!). During this stage our team defines a project's needs, breaking down audience demographics, communication objectives, creative targets, the strategy of the competition, & techniques to achieve cross-channel interaction. Our goal? Develop an integrated marketing playbook capable of moving across mediums, from OOH to digital to direct marketing to satellite broadcasts. Because even the simplest project should be a foundation for the future.

/ Process

3 / Construct

Once the framework is complete, we use our uniquely evolved, creative-solution-juice discharging membranes (they look a bit like gills) to bring the project to life, one piece at a time. Creative direction isn't limited to the basic aesthetic, but encompasses all aspects of execution. Effective marketing speaks simultaneously in form, color, motion, code, data, and – most importantly – plain old words. While we enjoy rockets, we do everything in our power to build our work in what we call the anti-silo: a creative ecosystem where cross-pollination of ideas between disciplines and units is the norm.

/ Process

4 / Guide

Eventually, all projects grow up and out of our hands. Before anything is ever actually handed-off, we put all of our projects through a rigorous testing process designed to simulate real world wear and tear, the metaphorical equivalent of those pressure machines you see in Ikea showrooms with one fundamental difference: no assembly required. Then, to ensure a seamless transition and help every project reach its final destination just as originally imagined, we do our best to build a ‘child safety harness’ in the form of extensive guidance and (whenever possible) deep analytics integration, post-completion troubleshooting, and exhaustive QA.

/ Capabilities

A flexible and scalable process combined with a holistic, cross-channel understanding of the new media landscape allows us to help our clients make memorable and impactful experiences.

In order to engage with a product, company or service, there needs to be something tangible and real for consumers to identify with. We seek to take the unique and identifiable truth about a brand and give it an impactful tactility. Once a brand identity is established, we set a framework through which the brand can grow and thrive organically.

As the power and reach of the internet expands, so too must the digital infrastructure possessed by the brands occupying it. We create experiences, platforms and technologies that are absolutely tailored to our clients and the web community at large. Custom content management systems, e-commerce platforms, user interface solutions, web applications and experiential World Wide Web wonderlands are well within Madwell's grasp.

With over 100 million smartphone users in the US and counting, the handheld internet is firmly an un-ignorable medium. New challenges and opportunities arise when the power of the old traditional media (say…billboards) and the new traditional media (networked desktop computing) combine with the always-on access and mobility of smartphones – challenges and opportunities we tackle head on with smart, responsive, quick-loading, touch-driven mobile applications and websites.

If corporations are people then brands have the potential to be our friends. In an era of social hyper-connectivity consumers are the new advertisers and their support is more powerful than any billboard. The trick, of course, is seeding and guiding what is said. We work to help our clients better project their true selves, warts and all, via smart social applications and on-going support, facilitating new conversations, new relationships, new friendships, and new revenue along the way.

Search engines are the connective sinews of the web, and the importance of how your brand is indexed and sorted amongst the crowded tubes of the internets cannot be overstated. The most glorious design and powerful technology means very little if consumers can't find it. Our dedicated search strategy team focuses on ensuring our clients are heard loud and clear by roaming spiders and wandering consumers alike, balancing white hat organic optimization tactics with bid-conscious paid search techniques.

Even in a uniquely digital era one fact remains unchanged: nothing compares to a real world experience. While we’re not an event company, we do work with our clients to craft-high impact experiences designed to extend their brand personality into the third dimension (secret warehouse beach parties with 12 tons of real sand, anyone?). Our efforts are laser focused on target demographics and designed to maximize social media impact. The fact that we get to attend the parties we throw is simply a peripheral benefit.

Physical manifestations of brand sentiments can leave profound and long-term impact on consumers. The same interactive principles of design found at play in print and on the web apply to pop-up shops, ethereal advertising sculptures, and freestanding interactive booths. With some of our team trained in architecture, we take pride in our ability to extend our creative thinking into physical structures.

Content #9: A flexible and scalable process combined with a holistic, cross-channel understanding of the new media landscape allows us to help our clients make memorable and impactful experiences.

In business, sometimes you just need someone to talk to. When we get to be that someone, it’s usually to help our clients disassemble a complex challenge into a variety of strategic touchpoints in order to create a tactical plan for success. Our consulting efforts range from development of top-level marketing support plans to deep-in-the-weeds information architecture refinement (and everywhere in-between).

With our organizational focus on information architecture, user experience, user interfaces and adaptive technologies, along with our in-house development team schooled in complex programmatic efforts, we were built for custom application design and development. Whether a proprietary digital asset management system (eDAM) or a never-before-tried iOS game powered by unexpected touch gestures, our team efficiently crafts one-of-a-kind technology from foundation to façade. Batteries included.

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