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We stuck our hand in the honey jar, it came out moisturized.

Honestly, Burt’s Bees’ Facebook fans scare us a little. They’re very passionate about those magical little tubes of beeswax lip balm, and there are over a million of them. So we were relieved when we debuted Hydration Wonderland, a joint Facebook application with our friends at Vita Coco, and those million+ fans had fun, shared it with friends and even told us how much they liked it.

The heart of Hydration Wonderland was a game called “The Icebreaker,” where users removed squares of “ice” from an image of the day and were rewarded with a nifty hydration tip or a free sample of Burt’s Bees and Vita Coco products. With over a million potential users playing the game at once, sometimes clicking on the same square, the app was an enjoyable technical challenge. To our knowledge, it was the first Facebook app hosted on two brand pages simultaneously, built on Amazon’s brand-new Dynamo Database system – cross-pollinating fans and encouraging deep engagement nationally, among both brands’ most desirable markets and target demographics.

We also did loads of work making Hydration Wonderland – an unreal place where you can ski from a snowy mountain to a Brazilian beach – come to life through custom illustrations, labor-intensive Photoshop and 3D work, and a custom prize shipper box mimicking coconut crates that brought the experience into the real world.

Feature Set:

  • Facebook app design & development
  • Copywriting

Total Visitors 63,136

Overall Stats

The typical user visted 3.76 pages and on average spent 3:02 exploring. 85.97% of users stayed in the app, and 46.42% played more than once.

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