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Sometimes you gotta stop and smell the 20 foot-tall peacock made of roses.

Okay, it wasn’t 20 feet tall and it wasn’t made of roses. But it was still the best damn centerpiece we’ve ever seen. David Beahm’s unofficial slogan is “Anything you can dream, anywhere in the world” and the New York-based event designer more than lives up to it. It was an enjoyable challenge to do justice to his boundless creativity while designing his main site and Destinations site.

Our site redesign included a live feed from his garden tomato cam – enabling visitors to his site to control the view from his penthouse balcony in Chelsea – and custom, handpainted watercolor animations of flowers that come to life as you explore the site. See the site →

Feature Set:

  • Out-of-home Media
  • Various Digital
  • Point-of-sale
  • Print
  • Voice
  • 3D product renders

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