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Looking to redesign their primary website at NYCPride.org, Heritage of Pride (the organization behind New York City’s world famous gay pride parade, hereto called simply “HOP”) tasked Madwell with simultaneously invigorating their online brand presence and simplifying the sign-up and donation processes to increase conversion rates.

The result was a comprehensive redesign and rebuild of their website from the ground up: the homepage was reimagined as an interactive scroll which visually illustrates HOP’s place at the forefront of the gay rights movement, daunting forms with 30+ fields were broken into multiple states to ensure signing up for Pride events was easy/breezy, an unnecessarily dark color scheme was lightened to better match the unwavering optimism & hope that defines the Pride parade, and the entire site was filled with beautiful full-screen images our team carefully sourced (by hand) and scanned from HOP’s extensive archives. The crowning achievement is a timeline within the site’s About section designed to visually illustrate the progress the fight for LGBT rights has made in the past 30 years, and HOP’s place within it. May the fight continue.

Feature Set:

  • Website
  • Voice & copy

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