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Don't F@#$ with coffee.

We're fascinated by quite a few things here at Madwell, not the least of them being the art of brewing a fantastic cup of java. That love (and fuel) of caffeine grew into a desire to spread the knowledge and culture of coffee as well as creating a platform for enthusiasts to share their passion. See it in the iTunes store →

Spro is an iOS app that functions as a compendium for coffee knowledge as well as a platform for discovery and sharing. It details instructions for brewing and preparing coffee related recipes, brewing methods for various machines, bean varietals, and other techniques like frothing milk. We update The Cafe with user submitted drinks, coffee house reviews, and fresh research by the Spro team.

Feature Set:

  • Native iOS application
  • Website design
  • Content publication
  • Social platform
Spro Machines
The machines of Spro: Lever, French Press, Chemex...

Distribution by Country and Region

One of the most interesting things we noticed while tracking Spro was how certain events affected penetration into different markets.

When a Brazilian barista caught wind of the app and posted a review, we saw an uptick in the visitors to the website and a consistent percentage of that converted into sales. A dutch espresso enthusiast posted Spro to a coffee forum which induced a very difficult to translate debate as well as putting Spro on the top of the iTunes App Store in the Netherlands.

The greatest surge in users came after the first week of release when Apple featured Spro on the front page of the App Store. It was featured in 27 countries total including Japan, Saudia Arabia, Ireland, Sweden, and Canada.

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