For the first time ever, humanity is on one team. We’re working together in near real-time to flatten the curve as best we can.

We’re on a mission. We are the mission. And we have what it takes, but we have to work together. We are the countervirus.

About the Campaign

What it is:

A single, unified campaign to spread accurate, actionable, shareable information, from timely updates and myth busting to messages of empathy and gratitude to essential workers.

Why it’s different:

Unlike piecemeal PSA messages, Countervirus is a unified campaign in a memorable, “open-source” style. It’s designed to be appealing so that it will be spread.

What we’ve done:

We’ve run all over the world on DPAA-donated OOH in a handful of languages. We’ve built a PSA microsite, and day-to-day we’re growing our Instagram following serving timely content.

Our message is global.

The campaign has run on social media and digital screens all over the world.

Social Media

THEME: Social Distancing

THEME: What to know

THEME: Mental Health

THEME: MythbustinG

THEME: Gratitude

THEME: Multilingual

THEME: Artist Donations

Out of Home

Where We've Run


New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Dallas-Fort Worth, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, Boston, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Houston, Detroit, Chicago, Las Vegas, Tampa, Baltimore, Flint, Toledo, Miami, Orlando, Richmond, Austin, San Antonio, Minneapolis, Denver, Phoenix, Daytona Beach, Oahu, Raleigh, Durham, Charlotte, Cleveland, SLC, Greenville, Norfolk, Little Rock, Roanoke, Wichita, Myrtle Beach, Topeka


Canada, Mexico (Spanish), United Kingdom, Spain (Spanish), United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong (Cantonese + English), Japan (Japanese + English), Indonesia (Indonesian + English), Australia, New Zealand, Mauritius (Mauritian Creole), Korea (Korean), Brazil*

Total Donated: $35mM+

*In Progress

Brex | Roadside Billboards

LINKNYC | Digital Kiosks

Adomni | Roadside Screens


Mesmerize Point of Care | Pharmacy Screens

Mesmerize Point of Care | Doctor's Offices Screens

Volta | Electric Vehicle Charging Stations


ISM Connect | Retail & Residential Screens


Grocery TV | Grocery Store Checkout

Vengo | Vending Machine Screens

ADLOAD | Back of Truck Screens

CURB | Taxis

NYPost | Banner Ads



united arab emirates | Pavilion Screens

united arab emirates | Elevator Screens

Mexico | Commercial & Residential

Hong Kong | Transit Kiosk

Indonesia | Roadside Screens

Mauritius | Roadside Screens

Japan | Variety of Screens

Spain | in-Tunnel Advertising

Korea | in-Tunnel Advertising