Creative Technology

Beyond the 1s and 0s.

Developers are a core part of our creative community. Whether we’re building an app, an e-comm site, or an entire augmented reality world, our integrated creative tech team informs the work all the way from ideation to execution. This interdepartmental collaboration lets us invent better products for our clients that are tailored to meet their specific business goals.

Brand Websites

Best-in-class websites require custom blueprints. With your brand identity in one hand and your business goals in the other, we weave together engaging, one-of-a-kind websites that encourage your audience to stop by and stay awhile.


To help Lycored stand out in the often dry nutraceutical space, we built a colorful, dynamic site that brought out the human side of their hard science. Our dev team worked hand-in-hand with writers and designers to craft a custom website packed with vivid photography and informative illustrations and animations, redefining how nutraceutical companies can look and feel.

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PJ Clarke’s

PJ Clarke’s is an American institution that was looking to take its rich history into the 21st Century. So we took a future-forward, mobile-first approach to designing and developing the site, creating an elegantly sleek and streamlined home for the storied brand. The result was a site that showed the iconic restaurant for everything it is: a modern classic.

Constellation Catering

First, we gave Starr Catering a new name and brand identity, one that better expressed the array of people who come together to make the company shine. Next, we created a website experience that expressed the warmth, polish, and ingenuity they serve. Then we had dessert. (It was delicious.)

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E-Commerce Websites

In a world where more and more commerce is digital, you need a cyber storefront that makes browsing enjoyable and buying seamless. We create e-commerce stores that build brand affinity while converting window shoppers to loyal customers.

Happy Family Organics

With the brand growing fast, Happy Family needed a new website that could meet the demand. We completely redesigned the site to improve mobile, tablet, and desktop UX, overhauled legacy content to match the updated framework, and engineered a new shopping experience that included Algolia, Fastly, and Magento integrations.

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In building a shoppable site for the vibrant Knomad brand, we knew our creativity needed to match that of the brand itself. Our team worked to inform, implement, and develop a beautiful e-commerce site that brings the richness of the product to life.

Content & Informational Websites

Clear digital communication requires careful design and development. We take special care to build sites that are equally engaging, navigable, and consumable, ensuring that even the most intricate bits of information come through crystal clear.


For decades, all the genetic data autism spectrum disease (ASD) researchers had to go on were tucked away in dense spreadsheets. To help SFARI Gene optimize access to those crucial datasets, we developed new APIs that turned those spreadsheets into custom data visualization tools that showed the information like never before—and even revealed new, undiscovered genetic connections.


We took Spectrum’s extensive library of autism research news and developed creative ways to guide each visitor’s experience, making their journey through the site more focused and digestible. From author tagging to content organization, we found innovative ways to merge the UX, design, and development processes to create a site that fulfilled Spectrum’s specific needs.

Unlimited EyeBrowsing

Visible tapped the best ‘brows in the business to tout the service’s unlimited browsing. But then we went a step further by creating site containing a near-infinite stream of content for users to (almost) endlessly scroll through. With over 300 unique pieces of content and eyebrow-based navigation functionality (seriously), Unlimited EyeBrowsing is a fun-filled site you’ve got to browse to believe.

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An app is the perfect place for a brand to directly connect with and serve its consumers, flex a wide range of capabilities, and reinforce every element of its brand story. But developing an app that's as enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing as it is effective is no small task—luckily, our integrated team is up to the challenge.

NYCM Cheer Cards

The TCS New York City Marathon was looking for new ways to help fans from around the world support friends, family, and even strangers running the race, so we developed a custom digital cheer card maker for their app. These digital creations were made in the app, collected for the runners to see, and even appeared in billboards at strategic times where runners needed them most. Some even made their way to billboards in Times Square.

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Lycored was looking to tell their brand story beyond the nutraceutical space, so we built them a custom app promoting holistic wellness. The app, littleglow, was designed and developed to give users a daily challenge to help them focus on a different aspect of their mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.

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Game Development

Our tech capabilities don’t stop with site and app builds. We know the unique power of games as a unique way to engage with a specific brand message, and we’ve got the arcade lineup to prove it.

Beta Blasters

To promote Lycored’s nutraceutical supplement offerings, we employed our creative tech capabilities and built desktop and arcade cabinet versions of a classic 8-bit game that encourages users to engage directly with the brand.

Tap Out

To engage users with the Visible brand, we brought them into the world of their phones by building a custom arcade game called “Tap Out” for visitors to play at Visible’s Phonetopia experiential event in Denver. The gaming component of the activation reflected Visible’s message about the comfort and ease of opting into an all-digital phone service provider.


We believe that the impact of customized tech tools can extend far beyond the screen. Through the use of experiential technology, we develop creative and cutting-edge ways to help guide visitors as they engage with your brand, service, or message.

The Lycopedia

To demonstrate the benefits of Lycored’s proprietary supplement blend, we created the Lycopedia, a richly detailed, step-by-step walkthrough detailing all the ways lycopene affects the body at various stages of life through custom animations. These digital assets then served as models for a series of interactive sculptures and playable set pieces that toured the globe, spreading the good news about lycopene as they went.

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Visible Mini Photo Displays

For Visible’s Phonetopia, we designed, built, and programmed a series of mini Polaroid-style photo displays that allowed visitors to see photos of themselves after venturing through the event space. The technology gave guests yet another opportunity to engage with the Visible brand as they exited the Insta-worthy pop-up.

Augmented Reality

We've always aimed to make every digital experience as immersive as possible—and with augmented reality, that immersion has never felt more powerful. Whether we're building apps or experiential activations, our creative tech team has the tools and the know-how needed to take any idea into a whole new reality.

NYBG Wild Medicine

After the New York Botanical Garden received a multi-year grant to help them integrate technology into their exhibits, we worked with them to develop an AR app that helped users identify plants throughout the garden. By simply scanning a QR code, users could learn the history of a plant, discover its medicinal qualities, and even see AR models of it interacting with the human body.


For Vita Coco, we created a stupidly simple way to take people on a tropical getaway without taking them anywhere. We created custom viewfinders housing 360 videos of a tropical paradise and placed them on busy city streets, bringing passersby a refreshing change of perspective.

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