Our Approach to Media

Integration is everything.

For us, media strategy is more than a service offering. It’s a philosophy baked into all of our go-to-market work from blow-out campaigns to everyday owned social.

We do it all.

Madwell was founded on the theory that if you bring traditionally siloed departments together you get better, smarter work as well as better outcomes. Moving as a single unit—from strategy to media to creative and beyond—allows us to center around the people that matter most: the audience. Through collaboration we’re able to get to know our target in a meaningful way and tailor everything we do to them and their daily lives. Our built-in agility means we can tackle any project, from big picture media strategy to planning, buying, and analytics.

And we work well with others, too.

Every client has their own infrastructure and history and we appreciate and respect the nuance of these relationships. If you have a trusted creative agency or two, we’ll partner closely with them to develop and traffic compelling work. If you have an existing media team, we’re happy to advise and improve the strategy together. Bottom line: We’re here to serve you and ensure the best outcome from day one.

Here’s how we can help.


Media Strategy

Media strategy starts with digging deep. It’s not enough to have a target demo. Humans are complex, and our audience’s motivations and circumstances must be considered to properly evaluate their consumption habits and deliver on our KPIs. We’re able to ensure that tactics are sound, that we’re consistently ahead of the curve when it comes to new mediums and channels, and that we’re vetting the work every step of the way.

Market Research

Consumer Research

Media Consumption

Channel/Platform Audit

Audience Sizing


Communication Strategy

Compelling messaging is vital to all parts of the consumer journey. We build strong, clear narratives for the full funnel that reflect our goals and impact performance right out the gate. By working with your team on a purposeful connections strategy, we can ensure our efforts break through and get the right message to the right person at the right time wherever they are in their day.

Comms Principles & Tasks

Audience Barriers and Opportunities

Connections Planning

Audience Segmentation


Planning & Buying

Translating the audience into tangible opportunities with actual budgets, proposed outcomes, and a plan that brings everything to life across partners and platforms.

Budget & Goal Alignment

Audience Targeting

Vendor & Tactic Selection

Custom Progress Management

Investment Negotiations



Together, we can deliver best-in-class outcomes. We firmly believe that campaigns, no matter how big or small, improve with considerate testing and optimization over the course of their lifetime. That means tracking performance on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis in tandem with channel and platform analysis, audience segmentation review, attribution assessment, and CTA validation. The following are some of the tools we use to look at how things are tracking.

Campaign Activation/Trafficking

Campaign Optimizations

Performance Insights

A/B Testing

Want to work with us? Here’s what we’re looking for in our partners.


Your marketing goals are our marketing goals, too. Together, we can define the scope of the work and develop key indicators media can influence as well as measurable KPIs. We never take anything at face value, and we believe that through partnership we can bring to life strategies that are honest and achievable.


We treat our clients the way we treat our team—like family. You can expect open lines of dialogue and plenty of it from your dedicated media team representatives. We’ll never leave you in the dark when it comes to what’s working and what isn’t, and you can rest assured that we aren’t afraid to have transparent conversations about strategy and results.

Harmless Harvest

Harmless Harvest was the insider’s coconut water when we met them; beloved by a few (including us) but unknown by most. Our summer 2019 campaign changed that, increasing their share of voice on social media from 1% to 20% with a lift in brand purchase intent 3.5 times the industry average.

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Success Academy

Through careful comms planning, audience development, and channel strategy, we helped one of NYC’s most successful charter schools get the attention it deserved. Our first year in-market with new campaign work not only reversed a four-year decline in applications but surpassed goals by 41%. We also attracted new teachers with a dedicated campaign, increasing qualified hires by 123%.

Zarbee's Naturals

When we first began working with the wholesome family brand, they had a loyal following but not enough name recognition. With multiple campaigns serving various lines of business, we helped them grow brand awareness by over 200% after two years, drive a 24% increase in purchase intent for a new product line, and ultimately helped support their acquisition by Johnson & Johnson in 2018.

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Happy Family

Despite having invented the organic baby food category, Happy Family was stuck as the #4 brand when we began our relationship. Thanks to our integrated, 360° campaign we helped push them to #1. That’s just the beginning of our shared success story.

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