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Happy Family

This is how to nourish happy.


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We helped Happy Family own the journey to happy.

Few aisles are growing faster than organic baby food, and with more pouches to choose from than ever before, parents often make purchasing decisions based on color and cost.

Our strategy to break Happy Family through the wall of fruit-and-veggie sameness was to help them become the first baby food brand to celebrate the full parenting journey, bumps and all.


Our “This Is Happy” campaign leads with emotion, capturing all the ups, downs, and in-betweens that add up to happy and positioning Happy Family as the brand that nourishes the journey.

Our anthem video garnered hundreds of thousands of fans (and shares) across all social channels by tapping into a truthful portrayal every family could relate to.


After the launch of their first national campaign, we helped Happy Family successfully launch the first clear baby food pouch. Our “This Is Happy” campaign led with emotional honesty and followed with product transparency.

We created a strategic funnel that built brand affinity with our “This Is Happy” campaign video, and then retargeted with the new Clearly Crafted product and BOGO coupon.

Happy Mama Prenatal

To truly nourish the full journey from day 1 to 1,000, we helped Happy Family launch Happy Mama prenatal snacks and supplements.

A branded resource center featuring our custom iconography made complex benefits easy to understand.

Infant Feeding Support

To support all families from the very beginning, we partnered with Happy Family to launch their very first formula. Our campaign video focused on inclusivity and personal stories from real breastfeeding, bottle feeding, pumping, and supplementing families. Viewers were then led to a comprehensive support center.

We developed a robust infant feeding support center that hosted our campaign video, a live chat service with infant feeding experts, and content on every feeding method from lactation specialists and Cornell-certified nutritionists.

From there, parents could choose to explore a dedicated site and learn more about Happy’s careful formulation through easily digestible information.


From custom recipe videos to share-worthy memes, we cultivated an actively engaged social following with rich content that reemphasized our “This Is Happy” campaign as well as new product launches.


By helping Happy Family reach parents on an emotional level and following up with their full spectrum of nutritious and organic offerings, we made Happy Family the name to know in one very busy aisle.

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