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Jura Whisky

Scottish accent. Brooklyn attitude.

What We Did:

Analog • Branding • Digital • Experiential • Media • Photography & Motion • Social


With Jura, we took on a centuries-old challenge.

Jura, a unique distillery from an equally unusual island, believed that the general perception of scotch was just as outdated as the liquid itself.

They came to us with world-class whisky inspired by and created in collaboration with the people of Brooklyn. Our job was to introduce the brand to a new American audience, get bourbon drinkers from the big city excited about the spirit, and avoid hipster stereotypes...all without breaking the bank.

Branding the “Expression”

Jura’s many expressions are distinguished by folkloric names and emblems sourced directly from the island’s history. While interesting to those in the know, they don’t mean a whole lot to the average American whisky lover. So we struck out on our own, looking to Brooklyn past and present for inspiration.

The label nods to industrial signage; the delicate wrought iron flourishes and block lettering were both prevalent at the turn of the 20th century. The bike lock (bottom right corner) was not.

The isle of Jura is home to hundreds of red deer. Brooklyn is home to infinite pigeons. We combined the two to create a noble, shared mascot for the new whisky.

Jura Brooklyn collaborator Fine & Raw created a chocolate to complement the new expression. We dressed it for success with our custom label.

Experiential & Motion

Despite being readily available in the UK and across, Jura always had a small footprint stateside. Jura Brooklyn was ready to change that, but accelerating awareness in the US required something splashy and memorable. So we decided to throw a warehouse party.

Outside the venue, guests were greeted by a wallscape featuring mysterious Celtic symbols, the Jura logo, and a very peculiar pigeon.

The centerpiece: our hand-painted Jura Brooklyn stag

Our interactive typewriter wall was part homage to one-time Jura resident George Orwell and part nod to Jura’s storytelling-focused brand ethos.

Digital & Media

Our target: New York City’s spirit aficionados and influencer communities. Our media plan of action: a combination of on-site banners, newsletters, sponsored posts, and social media extensions, complemented by a light layer of targeted Search and AdWords display media.


Just after the summer rollout ended, Jura found itself flush with previously non-existent American fans. People were desperate to find their whiskies and to get to know the brand. To help the team strengthen that budding affinity, we managed their US social media accounts for a number of months post-launch.


We noted (and toasted) our efforts.

Jura Brooklyn successfully shifted the conversation around a once-stuffy dram, scoring mentions in the New York Times, The Huffington Post, and beyond. It sold out its first run in the NYC area, and a second, larger bottling followed shortly thereafter. Jura Brooklyn eventually made its way across the US and even to Europe, where it was received with open arms and raised glasses.


Hours it took to sell the entire run of Jura Brooklyn


Blocks circled by the line to get into the launch party


Jump in the price per bottle due to demand

This could be your sgeulachd.

(That’s Scottish Gaelic for “story.”)

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