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Our Motion Capabilities

We partner with brands on everything from national TVCs to needle-nudging brand anthems to bite-sized delights designed to get the most out of social. The message is the medium, and when the medium is motion, we’re all over it.


From tree to pack, Vita Coco coconut water is about as simple as it gets. So we created the Plant Manager, a not-so-hardworking character played by Chrissy Teigen, to show to just how simple the whole process can be.


Green pouch. Red pouch. With so much sameness in organic baby food, parents were shopping by price or color. Our emotionally rich This Is Happy campaign and spot helped set Happy apart as the brand worth choosing by name.

When it comes to feeding a newborn, there’s a lot of pressure to do things “right.” We helped Happy Family launch its organic infant formula by honoring the intimate and unique feeding journeys of families of all kinds.


The world of bedding was all lazy Sundays and kittens in rumpled sheets—until BEDGEAR came on the scene. Together we created the performance bedding brand's first broadcast spot to show that in the right kind of bed, anyone can sleep deeper and wake ready to dominate.


From the makers who design their shoes to the movers who wear them, Rockport is as much about people as they are about shoes. Our Made for Movers anthem helped tell that human story while spotlighting Rockport’s craftsmanship standards and philosophy.


Zarbee’s Naturals believes that the products you bring into your home should be simple, safe, and effective. Our anthem spot visualizes that ethos with a promise to be there with handpicked, wholesome ingredients that support happy, healthy hives everywhere.

Zarbee’s is proud that their Honey Cough Soothers are basic (they’re made with just a handful of nature’s best ingredients). We celebrated that with a bold, colorful spot letting the world know exactly how Zarbee’s keeps it real.


There’s a big, beautiful world out there, and babies want at it. To help Babyganics inspire families to go forth and explore freely, we created an ode to the slow-mo moments of baby bliss that are made possible by Babyganics’ baby-friendly products.


The annual TCS New York City Marathon is exciting and unpredictable, sublime and awe-inspiring. Together with NYRR, we created a rhythmic anthem and campaign that captured the vast range of race-day emotions in four little words: It will move you.


Lycored believes in looking to the earth for inspiration, ideas, and answers. Everything they do comes back to nature and their one core purpose: to cultivate wellness. We created an inspirational anthem to help visualize that mission.

Nutrients are more powerful when they work together. Lycored finds, and harnesses, that synergy in each of their targeted proprietary carotenoid blends. Our animated video shows just how the phytonutrients in Cardiomato™ work together to support heart health. (Beautifully.)


Through a melting-pot mix of live-action and animation, we helped bring to life 25 Kent, the first new office and production space to go up in Brooklyn in over 40 years.

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