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Classic craft becomes modern style.

What We Did:

Brand Platform • Photography • Voice • Video • Packaging • E-Commerce


Revitalizing a brand, without sacrificing their heritage.

Rockport came to us with almost half a century of experience, deep American roots, and serious craftsmanship to show for it. What they were lacking was a way to translate that legacy into something fresh and globally scalable, with a focus on Asian markets.

That’s where we came in, developing a platform stemming from a singular message: that Rockport is Made for Movers. We’ve woven this message into communications at every level, from windows to website to company headquarters.


The phrase “Made for Movers” balances two elements: how Rockport shoes are made—thoughtfully, with a focus on craftsmanship and innovation—and who the people are who wear them: movers. The way we animate that message seasonally evolves, but we use a core brand toolbox to make sure we’re remaining true to Rockport’s voice and aesthetic.

Environmental illustrations work across web, POS, and b2b assets.

We’ve designed a set of custom patterns to add visual interest when needed.

Custom patterns help unify assets across channels.

A key pillar of the Made for Movers message is a focus on craft. We’ve visualized that focus with a sketch style for shoes, tech, call-outs and more. This tool has helped us solve a tricky challenge: how to show shoes in a way that is season-agnostic.

We’ve translated the sketch style into a complete alphabet and library of ready-to-use call-outs, making it easy for Rockport’s in-house designers to create materials that look and feel cohesive.

When paired with shoe sketches, call-outs tell a more complete product—and brand—story.


We’ve brought the Made for Movers message to life in photography across seasons, using lifestyle and product shoots to really show who movers are and what their journeys look like, while also expressing the high-quality design and comfort of Rockport’s shoes.


A key piece of Rockport’s refreshed brand is their voice. We’ve helped them foster a tone that really echoes who they are: it’s cool yet warm, humble yet witty.


Rockport makes shoes, but our work with them has made it clear that they’re about people: the movers who wear them and the creators who design them. In videos produced across seasons, we’ve told those stories in unique ways, while still elevating the shoes themselves.

The FW16 video, our first with the brand, brought our idea of movers to life.


To create a cohesive experience for consumers, we streamlined Rockport’s packaging, from box to icons. With this cleaner design, the final stage of the customer’s journey feels just as on-brand as the first.

New packaging enhances the purchase experience.

A set of features & benefits stickers mimics the spirit of our call-out style.

Elegant embossing gives the box an upscale feel.

We utilized the aesthetic vocabulary with tissue paper featuring hand-drawn sketches.


We’ve established a consistent and accessible e-comm look and voice, using clean design and the witty, warm Rockport tone we’ve cultivated.

Clean, visually interesting compositions allow shoes to shine.

Subtle propping gestures to wearing occasions and seasons.

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