As advertisers, we influence culture for a living. It’s our job to change minds and create action. We cannot carry a meaningful cultural conversation by including only a fraction of the voices. A dramatic state change in advertising is past due, and we know it. We’ve heard the call, and we are all rightfully accountable.

DEI Initiatives & Agency Profile

Since 2020, we have committed ourselves to creating a diverse, equitable, inclusive space. It is our intention to use our platform, relationships, creativity, money, energy, and time to affect real change.

Today, we are working to fulfill our commitments. Our intentions have led to action in a variety of forms. We have learned a lot and know that we still have much to learn. While we know the change we seek and expect will not happen in a day, it is everyday that we challenge ourselves to take action because inaction is simply not a choice.

Here is where we are today.

Development of a DEI panel

Created in 2020, the Madwell Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Panel serves as a forum for advancing the goal of achieving a diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment for all employees.

The DEI Panel is made up of a cross-departmental representation, inclusion of men, women and non-binary; a diverse mix of race and ethnicity and representation of age and levels (junior, mid, senior).

The DEI Panel is led by a DEI Panel Executive Sponsor, DEI Panel Chair, and DEI Steering Committee.

The panel has three active committees including the Creative Review committee, Programming committee, and Student Outreach committee.

Madwell DEI Panel Areas of Focus

Our DEI initiatives are focused in the following areas: Educating our agency with DEI-focused programming, supporting our project teams with creative review process, investing in community-oriented ERGs, and building on our recruitment & retention programs and partnerships.

Madwell DEI Panel Areas of Focus

  1. BAM for Black Madwellians, 
  2. Yo Soy IPOC for Indigenous and Latinx Madwellians, 
  3. AIM for Asian Americans / Pacific Islander Madwellians, 
  4. WMNT for Women and marginalized genders at Madwell, 
  5. Queerwell for LGBTQIA+ identifying persons at Madwell, 
  6. MadParents for all parents and caregivers at Madwell, 
  7. ND/A for Neurodivergent persons and People living with disability at Madwell

Recruitment & Retention Programs/Partnerships:

  1. Madwell DEI Internship
  2. AdFellows Partnership
  3. BLAC Partnership
  4. The One Club Agency Partnership

Agency Profile

We commit to a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive agency profile at every level of seniority.

  • 30% BIPOC
  • 15% Black
  • 52% Women

Our first goal is to mirror the population’s diversity. Our next goal is to exceed it. We want to see this across all levels of seniority, so that all areas of the company reflect our commitment. We’ll measure and report our progress publicly with quarterly target evaluations.

We commit to reporting on our data publicly.

We’ll report openly on our ethnicity and gender data, and our progress as an agency, on a quarterly basis.

Race + Ethnicity, All Levels