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What We Did:

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We helped Babyganics bring their baby-safe world to life.

The dads who founded Babyganics believed babies should be free to explore their world, and that the cleaning and care products parents use should help advance that adventurous mission.

We translated the simple yet surprisingly complex idea of a baby-safe world into the consumer-facing campaign Grow Boldly: positive, worry-free, and encouraging for parents and babies alike.

Campaign Concept

Babyganics is as focused on confident, fearless parenting as it is on safe, squeaky-clean babies. Our 100% worry-free campaign was designed to help parents see their world not as a risky or fearful place, but as a wonderful, inviting, baby-safe one.

Grow Boldly welcomes babies into a world of adventure, empowers parents to embrace that adventure, and broadcasts the brand as a fast-moving challenger in its category.

Campaign Visuals

To help parents pause and see things from their baby’s creative point of view, we translated Babyganics’ cast of flat, illustrated characters and into 3D models. Then we hand-built each of them out of paper and integrated them into vignettes staged and photographed specially for them.

We rendered Babyganics’ cast of flat, illustrated characters in 3D…

Paper acted as our symbolic buffer, filtering a big, uncertain world into a safer, more imaginative place.

To realize the wondrous way babies see their world (and how Babyganics makes that possible), we cast and composited scenes pairing cute mini-models with our own paper ones.

On set at our campaign photo shoot. (One of us was later edited out.)


We paired our key visuals with adventure-forward messaging to create ads that we ran surgically all over e-town. We also built an educational campaign landing page to absorb and air traffic control those clicks.

Our campaign landing page educated consumers about the baby-safe Babyganics brand ethos as well as our broad family of products and benefits.

A campaign built on trust wouldn’t be possible for a brand that didn’t insist on being trustworthy. We helped up the transparency factor by articulating Babyganics’ incredibly high product standards on their website.


In a perfect (and baby-safe) world, the conversation never ends. After launch, we took on the Babyganics social accounts, sharing our adventurous message through a blend of original content, partnerships, influencer programming, and paid social ads.


Growing up, and up, and up.

Grow Boldly did more than accrue impressions. It engaged hundreds of thousands of new consumers. Through both owned and paid social, it generated actions and created a critical mass around its hashtag. It gave shorthand structure to the baby-safe philosophy for Babyganics’ internal team and continues to grow with the brand.

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