When a brand evolves from spotlighting one person to celebrating many.

The culinary world knew Starr Catering by its singular name. But it was time for a change.

After many years, Starr Catering Group was moving on from its association with eponymous local culinary celebrity Stephen Starr. It would be a delicate process: they needed a new identity that shed the old name without compromising any of the goodwill of so many clients and stakeholders associated with the company, its practices, and its team. 

In other words: change everything without changing anything.

We chose Constellation as the perfect elevation of everything people already loved about Starr. But now, instead of a sole star, we were celebrating a team of stars working together. 

From there, we developed the brand ID, a website to unveil the change, and even materials to help articulate the transition internally, readying Constellation for its upward course.

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