Happy Family Organics

We helped the category inventor become the category leader.

Happy Family Organics, a Danone company, had function on lock. We added rich, memorable emotion.

Despite creating the organic baby food category, Happy Family was trailing the likes of Plum and Ella’s as parents shopped a hectic aisle on promo and color. Together we launched Happy Family’s first national campaign, This Is Happy, led by a strong emotional anthem delivered via an efficient, cross-channel media plan. Under that campaign banner we helped Happy Family both launch new products and solidify the brand as a thought leader in the category.

Later, we launched Happy Family’s first yogurt, educating parents about the value of probiotics on early development, and infant formula, which we launched while respecting strict WHO codes. Through powerful creative, consistent messaging across mediums, optimized media plans, and enriching social content, we ultimately saw them grow from #4 in the organic baby food category to #1.


Press Kit: Prenatal Health

Campaign: Infant Feeding

Campaign: This Is For Happy Bellies (Yogurt)

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