Harmless Harvest

We created a funny, clear campaign about a pink coconut water.

Harmless Harvest came to us with a unique problem: their product was just too good.

Defined by a vibrant pink hue, a brow-raising name, a deep commitment to the environment and the people they employ, and a taste that was almost too delicious, Harmless Harvest came to us with perhaps the best problem any product can have: they were so good, people thought they were hiding something. In today’s increasingly suspicious world, it was hard to blame them. So rather than deny what their consumers felt, our strategy team leaned in, with a self-aware rallying cry that didn’t hide from people’s skepticism but acknowledged it. 

The result? A creative campaign reassuring people that while their skepticism was fair, Harmless Harvest was just that good. With a sharp, unique perspective, an elevated aesthetic, and an efficient and targeted media spend across streaming services, audio, and social, the brand saw real results. Store Locator site visits shot up 980% during the three-month campaign, and Harmless Harvest’s share of voice on social media grew from under 1% to over 20%, with purchase intent at 3.5 times the industry average.

Suspiciously Good: Motion

Set to a custom cover by Sharon Van Etten of Elvis’s classic “Suspicious Minds” and shot by Madwell production partner Starfish, the campaign’s anthem video follows a woman walking through a bodega full of products with sketchy claims before landing on the inviting glow of a case full of Harmless Harvest coconut water. 

Thanks to smart, targeted media planning, over 30 million people viewed our anthem video & its cutdowns, and Ad Age featured the video as an Editor’s Pick.

Paid Media & Photography

Pink coconut water stands out. We highlighted the product’s visual aesthetic and appeal through our photoshoot, paired the visuals with witty copy, and bought key placements where our target audience would engage with them. That careful planning paid off: our Facebook ads led to a 200%+ brand lift among industry benchmarks in all measures.

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