We helped Jura introduce a remote Scottish isle to the American market.

Just like their namesake island, Jura whiskies have a story to tell—we helped them tell it.

Jura had been crafting world-class whiskies for years—but the brand’s cultural cachet, heavily reliant on folkloric names and local island emblems, wasn’t turning heads across the pond. We certainly made a splash commemorating their first entry in the American market, Jura Brooklyn, with a launch event fit for the borough: a buzz-generating warehouse party packed with NYC spirit aficionados and influencers.

From there, we revamped their existing campaign, A Long Way From Ordinary, and social media presence with a warm, confident tone of voice and a modern, sleek visual identity. By combining enticing product and lifestyle shots with gorgeous photos from back home, and a voice that reflected the values of their closely knit island community, we created a flexible, functional brand system designed to make every Jura expression feel as bold and authentic as the island itself.

Jura Brooklyn

Jura infused their iconic whisky with inspiration from Brooklyn’s past and present to create its landmark Jura Brooklyn expression. To introduce the whisky to the city in style, we put together a warehouse party and promoted the event over digital media.

The huge success of the party and residual buzz led to organic mentions in pubs like The New York Times, The Huffington Post, and more. But that’s not all—as a result of our event, Jura Brooklyn sold out its first run in the NYC area.

Jura Brooklyn Launch Event

Jura Brooklyn Launch Event Collateral

A Long Way From Ordinary

Jura came to us with a tagline, and we helped them give it meaning. By combining punchy, pointed copy lines with POV shots that put viewers in the role of diligent, creative Jura-drinkers, we developed an evocative campaign that resonated with Americans and Diurachs alike.


Social proved to be the perfect platform for tantalizing product photography. Through a mix of cleverly crafted cocktail shots, craft stories, and in-situ food pairings, we could express both the spirit’s smoky, sweet flavor profile and the hard work that goes into making it.

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