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We helped Lycored lead its category out of the past.

Dated aesthetics. Impenetrable lingo. The supplement and nutrition industry often feels stuck in the past, and when we began our partnership, we knew Lycored was in a unique position to buck the status quo. They’d been around for two decades, and in that time, they’d risen to the top of the natural ingredient space.

What they needed was a fresh perspective, voice, and aesthetic to accurately showcase what they could do.

Brand Look & Feel

Lycored’s dual expertise in earth-grown ingredients and cutting-edge technology made it a prime candidate for a warm yet highly sophisticated and modern branding system. Authoritative yet approachable, our logo, mark, and palette were all inspired by the brand’s history as well as its uniquely human spirit.

Our proprietary illustration style symbolizes both the path of nutrients in the plants they come from as well as their function within the human body.

Brand Voice

Many brands in the nutraceutical space sound exactly the same regardless of their specialties. We agreed early on that standing out hinged as much on a refreshed aesthetic as it did on an identifiable voice. So we set about instilling warmth and personality wherever we could, from adjusting the styling of the brand name to the introduction of an aspirational tagline and beyond.

Lycored brand introduction booklet & tagline


Shortly after the new branding was unveiled, we launched a fully responsive website complete with elegant cinemagraphic and animated flourishes to further communicate Lycored’s product details and premium positioning.

With usability and clear content organization in mind, we developed a fluid site experience that enables visitors to casually browse or find exactly what they’re looking for.


Cheesy videos are a dime a dozen in the wellness category, so we knew we had to rethink how we’d use the medium. From an aspirational brand video to animated shorts dedicated to Lycored’s most innovative product family, motion in all its many forms has allowed us to really set the brand apart.

Our animated shorts helped make Lycored’s intricate product details interesting and understandable.


When we first began working together, it was clear that Lycored was interested in expanding and strengthening its reach in unique, high-visibility ways, at tradeshows and elsewhere.

To stand out at otherwise dry trade events, we developed atypical displays, including one using reclaimed wood and lush greenery and another that reimagined the traditional greenhouse.

Created to support and celebrate Lycored’s unique beta-carotene product offerings, Beta Blasters! is a custom arcade-style game that’s as educational as it is fun.


We made a big (and colorful) impact.

The refresh was not only met with enthusiasm by Lycored’s partners (sales quickly picked up, particularly for their core carotenoids business), but by the nutraceutical industry as a whole. People were thrilled by Lycored’s fresh tone of voice, elegant look, and confident authority.

For the first time, they were seen as category innovators, not just product innovators.


The number of folks who’ve called Lycored HQ for Beta Blasters high score tips


The number of buildings people walked through at Expo West to get a Lycored "dirt" tote bag


The number of people that took a picture with our Heart + Soil wall

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