We built a modern brand for a trusted nutraceutical leader.

Lycored's category set a low bar. We knew they could buck the status quo.

Dated aesthetics. Impenetrable lingo. The supplement and nutrition industry often feels stuck in the past, and when we began our partnership, we knew Lycored was in a unique position to run rings around their competition. They’d been around for two decades, and in that time, they’d risen to the top of the natural ingredient space. It was theirs to lead. What they needed was a fresh perspective, voice, and aesthetic to accurately showcase what they could do.

The brand refresh—which manifested across all their diverse channels, from the website to their many trade show appearances—was not only met with enthusiasm by Lycored’s partners, but also by the nutraceutical industry as a whole. For the first time, they were seen not just as product innovators, but as category innovators.


Digital & Experiential: Beta Blasters!

Microsite & Experiential: The Lycopedia

App: littleglow

Campaign: Ingestible Skincare

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