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We built a campaign to move the nation.

New York turns out for the marathon. But tune-in was low.

50,000 runners cross the finish line at the NYC Marathon, and thousands more turn out to cheer them on. But tune-in at home was on a downward trend. We needed a campaign that acknowledged the unique nature of this marathon among all other marathons, with a hook so strong it could reach through to viewers at home.

Our answer to the problem: a multi-year, multi-faceted campaign called It Will Move You. The campaign fully delivered on the promise of the marathon for runners, spectators, and supporters. Not only did we drive tune-in, we got people texting each other digital stickers. And creating digital cheer cards. And using a whole new vocabulary to describe the unique physical and mental Everest that the marathon can be. We even convinced ourselves to run.

Our Work / New York Road Runners


Our Work / New York Road Runners

Out of Home

NYC Marathon wheatpasting
Javits Center NYC Marathon installation
New York City Marathon banner hanging at Javits Center

Our Work / New York Road Runners

App: Cheer Cards

CheerCard sticker examples
Cheer Card in Time Square, New York City
Cheer Card along running route in New York City

Our Work / New York Road Runners

Social Media: Pro POV Series

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