We revitalized a shoe brand without sacrificing its history.

Rockport had deep American roots, serious craftsmanship, and a new story that needed telling.

Rockport had craft and heritage in spades. But that expertise and legacy had for many years been synonymous with older consumers. Rockport came to us with an enticing challenge: refresh their image in a way that appealed to a younger consumer and that could scale globally, particularly into Asian markets, without compromising their hard-won heritage.

We developed a dynamic platform stemming from a singular message: that Rockport is Made for Movers. We helped them adopt a tone that echoed who they were—cool yet warm, humble yet witty, and forever timeless. We supported that ethos through a tech-forward illustrated take on the craft, and brought Rockport forward in time without losing the human touch. Through packaging, signage, motion, and photography, we gave them the consistent dynamic energy their brand had been missing.

Motion: Made for Movers


Brand Refresh

Motion: Dear Movers

Hands from above at a desk drawing a shoe's sole.

Motion: Tech Series

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