Specialty Food Association

We helped a culinary leader reintroduce itself to the world.

The Specialty Food Association has always been one of the industry’s most innovative, tastemaking organizations. But their branding was stuck in the past.

Conceived as the food industry’s ultimate business connector, the Specialty Food Association (SFA) has helped a number of well-known brands forge key relationships and step into the spotlight since 1952. However, when you’re the first of your kind, there will always be imitators.

With the emergence of similar organizations in the last two decades, SFA was ready for a new look and feel that set them apart and matched their innovative spirit. Something bold, something vibrant, and something that told the world instantly that they and their members would continue to shape the future of food for years to come.

We worked closely with the brand to create a fresh visual identity and tone of voice that was unlike anything else in the space. SFA’s new irregular circle logo would shift, evolve, and reconform to tell the organization’s stories across print, digital, video, and beyond. Further optimizing the launch, we synchronized our unveiling with their 2019 Summer Fancy Food Show. We filled the Javits Center with eye-catching signage, and created an immersive, enclosed audiovisual experience that utilized archival footage to bring the association’s rich history to life…and drum up excitement for the future.

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