We disrupted the telcom world with a bold brand and activations out the wazoo.

In a function-driven category, here’s a painfully obvious truth: the phone service industry sucks.

Visible was created to fix that. No contracts, no brick-and-mortar stores, no foot-long paper bills, no hidden fees. It runs on Verizon’s formidable 4G LTE network, but the association stops there.

We built a brand that was less manufactured and less reliant on operational features, and instead opted for radical realness. We spoke the way only a disruptively straightforward brand could, and used every medium in the book to do it. As our competitors struggled to communicate with millennials, we made meaningful connections. We helped Visible walk the talk all day long so consumers could see, feel, and live a better phone service.


• 21,000% Follower increase
• Over 217,000 total engagements
• Over 37MM Total Impressions
• 200,000+ Customer Growth

Video & TV

Naturally, we established Visible as the first online phone brand in online video. Then we taught the world to see phone service differently in TV too.

Still Life Video

As the first all-digital phone brand with no stores, it only made sense that we look and sound a little different too. So we brought Visible’s no frills, no tricks message to life in film and TV with a vibrant, whimsical look and feel. All the while proving that phone service on your phone just makes sense.

”Hey You" Featuring Dan Levy

Visible knows how much you’re on your phone (in fact you’re probably reading this on your phone, or at least have it within finger-twitch radius). That’s why we designed a TV spot to “catch” you second-screening, on your phone during that commercial break. And who better to bring you our phone-first message than Schitt’s Creek creator, Dan Levy… in a phone.


When Visible became the first all-digital phone brand, it needed to build real-world relationships with real people in entirely real ways.

Unlimited Massages

Unlike other phone service brands, Visible does what it says, and says what it does. So we brought awareness to Visible’s transparency in a big way. We placed an obvious “typo” on Visible’s OOH promising unlimited massages instead of unlimited messages. Social media lit up. Two weeks later, at Denver’s Union Station, we made good on Visible’s promise, giving anyone (and their dogs) as many massages as they could handle for a day.


• Earned media impressions: 7.1M
• Organic Social Impressions: 88,473 
• Unlimited massages given: 800+


• Shorty Awards – Integrated Campaign: Gold Honoree
• Denver50 – Top 50 Best/Winners in the Denver/CO region: Won
• OBIE Awards – Silver


Visible loves living on your phone just as much as you do. So to bring the notion of an all-digital phone service to life, we invited people to step inside their phones, literally. We turned a giant warehouse in Denver into an interactive, multi-room IRL phone experience – complete with an SMS arcade, Airplane (Mode) Lounge, Gif(t) Shop and a DM slide into a pool of foam DMs. Oh, and we brought the music on your phone to life with A-list concerts from HAIM, Kacey Musgraves, Anderson Paak and more…


• Consideration among attendees increased: 46% 
• Earned media impressions: 37M
• Organic posts and social handle mentions: +38% above goal
• Attendees: 4,636
• Leads captured: 5,191


• Denver50 – Top 50 Best/Winners in the Denver/CO region: Won


Visible’s unique brand of transparency needed a unique presence at SXSW 2019. So we built a giant see-through recording studio outfitted with instruments and recording equipment, giving karaoke stars, up-and-coming acts, and established musicians like Japanese Breakfast maximum exposure at the festival.

Plus we let visitors recharge their phones and themselves with Visible themed retro arcade games and free blue slushies. Because who doesn’t love free slushies.


• Site attendees: 5,765 ​(+130.6% over benchmark)
• Recording sessions: 447 ​(+148.3% over benchmark)
• Leads captured: 2,200 ​(+46.7% over benchmark)


• One Club – Print & Outdoor / Experiential & Installations: Bronze

InVisible NY

Behind the facade of a sketchy cellphone repair shop, InVisible NY created a speakeasy-style space that explored the journey from the clutter and chaos of the old phone-service experience to the calm and clarity of its storeless future: Visible. 

On top of the experience itself, the space hosted performances from artists like A$AP Ferg, Questlove, Lizzo, and Princess Nokia, while shining on Instagram and garnering 95% brand recall from more than 6,500 visitors.


• 61% lift in site traffic
• 150% lift in service activation rate
• Thousands of visitors

Traditional OOH

Utilizing billboards, bus shelters, and any wall we can get our hands on, we’re constantly bringing Visible’s unique voice, visual branding, and message to cities across the country.

Denver Takeover

Visible is breaking through the traditional phone industry with radically straightforward service. So, to break through the advertising clutter, we helped Visible “own” its hometown of Denver, CO, with over 150 straight-forward, self-aware messages that weren’t shy about the point of all the advertising


• Increased Denver’s site traffic by 194%
• Awareness among target grew by 400%
• Consideration among target grew by 200%

Wild postings

We even extended Visible’s unique, transparent tone of voice to the streets with wild postings. 

Non Traditional OOH

Our OOH is as unique as our phone service. From promoting stores we don't have, to hyper self-aware giant emoticons, our OOH doesn’t just build awareness, it sparks conversation.

404 Store Not Found

No stores means lower phone bills and less hassle. To bring this core value proposition to life, we wrapped empty storefronts across the US with the error message 404 Store Not Found and drew attention to the stores Visible doesn’t have. Our blued-out storefronts brought this digital language into the real world, and for the first time ever, turned an error page into a welcome sight.


• Site traffic in activation markets increased by 22% 
• Positive mentions on social media: 95%
• Lift in brand mentions vs before campaign: +2,200%


• One Club – Print & Outdoor / Billboards & Transit: Gold
• One Club – Print & Outdoor / Experiential & Installations: Gold
• One Club – Print & Outdoor / Printing & Production: Gold

Emoticons in 
the Wild

We took Visible’s totally transparent approach to phone service to their hometown streets of Denver. We built a giant smile emoticon as a publicity stunt, and we called it just that — a publicity stunt. Signage and messaging shamelessly welcomed people to the stunt, where we handed out swag, offered free wifi, and taught people about Visible’s uniquely transparent model.


• 8.6MM OOH media impressions
• 37% lift in visits to
• 8.8% @visiblemobile IG following lift


• One Club – Print & Outdoor / Experiential & Installations: Bronze
• One Club – Print & Outdoor / Illustration: Bronze
• One Club – Print & Outdoor / Art Direction: Bronze

This is a Phone Store

When Visible set out to reinvent phone service, it tossed out what wasn’t working, starting with phone stores. In order to let everyone know they can now sign up, order devices, and manage their service from anywhere… we launched our “This is a phone store” campaign literally everywhere. Using OOH, train wraps, beach umbrellas, taxi toppers and more, we proved that anywhere can be a “phone store” with Visible.


• 830 total units across 7 cities 
• + 20% average daily increase in 


• One Club – Print & Outdoor / Experiential & Installations: Silver

Bus Shelter "Stores"

We extended the “This is a phone store” campaign with elaborately decorated bus shelter ‘stores’ that represented a variety of different environments. Once again reminding people that with Visible wherever you are – your favorite stadium, ski-lift, campground, and more – you’re now at a phone store.


As an all-digital phone service, social is one of our most important mediums. So we brought Visible's refreshingly transparent tone of voice to life through content and activations.

Always On

Social was always going to be Visible’s front lines, so from in-house video and photo shoots to copy and design, our creative team spun up the kind of content people wanted to like and share—then kept it coming like clockwork.

Our community management team followed up with a friendly hello, smoothing out the occasional service hiccup, and generally letting customers feel heard and engaged with. 


• Increased followers 170% YOY
• Grew engagement by 140% YOY

Web & App

After building the brand in the advertising space, our partners at Visible invited us to get even closer and help redesign the product itself. From UX to photography, we helped the product team transform Visible’s app and website from the ground up.

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