Vita Coco

We helped build the coconut water category from scratch.

Vita Coco was a scrappy startup just like us when we met. Together, we carved a niche that would transform the beverage aisle globally.

About a decade ago, no one quite knew what to make of coconut water (or why it was good in the first place). There was no category to speak of, and while Vita Coco was steadily growing and picking up fans here and there, they longed for acceleration and scale. And we longed to get them there.

We’ve done a bit of everything together over the years, from designing and launching new products to brand messaging, social media, activations, and our very first national TV spot starring Chrissy Teigen. 

The relationship is emblematic of our commitment to deliver on a brand’s every need, whether that’s a postcard, new packaging, or the occasional stunt. Our commitment to doing whatever was necessary to connect with consumers paid off, too. During our 2015 summer campaign, we saw 874MM impressions and 30+% same-store sales lift in NYC alone.

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