Zarbee’s Naturals

We helped a family brand grow up (and get acquired).

We took Zarbee's Naturals, a Johnson & Johnson company, from kids' remedy to the brand that keeps the whole hive healthy.

Zarbee’s Naturals was built on the desire to offer wholesome, natural, and safe remedies to the biggest symptom driving kids to the doctor: a cough.

Almost a decade after the brand’s launch, they came to us with a new challenge: help them transcend their position as a young kids’ cough brand. They had the diversified portfolio to make it happen, but they needed our support.

We gave Zarbee’s its new brand platform, We’ll Be There. We helped them debut their adult cough soothers, the product that took them from kids-only to whole-family remedy. We also launched a new kids’ vitamin with an “all yum, no yuck” message (and some gentle category ribbing) that helped set them apart. As the brand evolved, our creative stretched even further across platforms as a premium alternative to the commoditized competitors, and our media strategy flexed alongside. All this resulted in a ton of growth—and acquisition by Johnson & Johnson in 2018.

Campaign: Proud to be Basic (Adult Cough)

Campaign: Naturally Brilliant (Kids' Vitamins)

Campaign: Growing Pains (Baby Collection)


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